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helpful tips for traveling in Vietnam

Common diseases and some helpful tips for traveling in Vietnam
You may think that you have prepared everything in a way thoroughly before traveling and applying Vietnam visa, but you cannot anticipate the bad things that can happen at any time in your journey. If something bad happen, then slowing down and solve problems by your wise and experiences that you learnt from the past. However, you can also learn right away with, I will give you some very simple but effective experiences so that you can have better trips in the future in Vietnam.

Exhausted by the heat
Symptoms: Fever, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, cramps, heart failure sometimes.
Tips: Drink some water, and salt whenever you want to regain balance. If everything goes bad, you should go to hospital as soon as possible.

Heat stroke
Symptoms: You tend to felt high fever (40-41°C); your skin may get flushing and drying, or maybe headaches, digestive disorders, delirium, and convulsions.
Tips: You need to get out of the heat, remove your clothes, dip the wet towel up onto your skin, and use the fan to make your body get cooler. Keep away from going to bath and cover your skin by ice for any reasons. After take first aid, go quickly to hospital to get treatment from the doctor.

Motion sickness
Tips: You should prevent this issue by eating lightly before movement, sit near the wings on airplane, sit between side of the train or passenger car; don’t put your feet on the floor of it; taking medication against motion sickness half an hour before movement, you can also put ginger candies or mint candies to your mouth while moving.

Sea sickness
Symptoms: high heart rate, hypertension, vomiting.
Tips: Notice that before moving by the ship, you should eat lightly, then your sight must be back behind the ship, looking at a distant point, do not look at something that make you feel dizzy, and get a plastic bag to contain vomit when needed. In situation vomiting persistently, you need injected by a medicine tube called Nautamin 60mg or drink 1 to 2 Nautamin 90mg table to against vomiting. You can also avoid vomiting persistently by infected 1 to 3 medicine tubes called Atropin ¼ mg within 24 hours to get yourself up, mixed up with 1 to 2 Gardenan 0,1g table for sedation.

Tips: You need some diarrhea medicines like Oresol but cannot abused. Keep in mind that fruit juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee can cause serious illness, then you should only drink mineral water or water mixed with salt. Instead of eating veggies, fruit or greasy food you should eat soups or boiled eggs.

Tired legs
Symptoms: Not able to walk anymore.
Advice: Push the two thumbs up to your soles, then knead in turn each of your toes and stretch gently. Finally, pat up leg, heel and whole foot.

Severe headache
Tips: There are vary ways to end your headaches but the best technique is that you just cover the cold towel to your forehead and close your eyes within 3 to 5 minutes.

Sun burn
Tips: You should prepare a little bit of ‘lô hội’ leaves on your bag then you can take the gel out of the leaves and cover it to the skin side that got sunburn, do it 3 times a day for about 1 week. In addition, you should take extra multivitamins and vitamin C 500mg.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
Symptoms: Your legs may get hematoma; these blood clots are very dangerous because it can break and move to the main parts of your body including your heart or lungs that is threatening to your lives.
Cause: It can cause by your old age, obesity, smoking, gene, pregnancy or leg accident, etc. The pressure change on the plane can be a cause too.
Tips: Use the socks that cover tight to your legs, take some useful medicine. If you have any concern before moving for the trips, then go to your doctor for consultation.